Gem Tool Hire

Gem Tool Hire

In recent articles we have taken looks at all other companies in the United Kingdom that do tool hire and today we take a closer look at Gem tool hire. The many companies across the United Kingdom all share similar traits but we look to explore some of the differences and the level of service that each one can provide for its potential clients and clients themselves. In this particular article we explore Gem tool hire and see what types of products and services they bring to the table and what level of service they offer the many clients who use their company for tool hire and the other services that they provide. We also list some of the general information on the company itself and how and where it was formed to get a better understanding of the company as a whole.

The in and out's of Gem tool hire

Gem tool hire is a well established and very well working business that has been providing customers with a reliable and trustworthy service and level of product for many years now and has continued to do so since it was formed. Gem tool hire opened its doors in 1979 and has been a long standing tool hire company within the United Kingdom, provided a top level of products and services throughout that time and continuing to do so. Gem tool hire has established three plant sites and has over hundred staff that works for them in one way or another. Gem tool hire also received a European certificate that shows they have a high standard of safety and that their products are up to the health and safety standard that they are required to be up to. The many years since its establishment and the expert employees that Gem tool hire has means that it is a fine and very good place to get tool hire from and has allowed it to become one of many competitors in the United Kingdom market that continue to move forward and thrive.

What are the services that Gem tool hire has to offer?

The services that Gem tool has to offer is the fact that they offer high levels of products that range from small equipment like drills to very large equipment like trucks. The product range that they have is over 3,000 strong and ever growing as they look to refine and move with the new technology that continues to come out and increase the products or bring in new ones to replace the old ones. Gem tool hire also sticks to extra health and safety regulations that are in place when all of their products are tested and it makes sure that no product that they hire will ever fail a health and safety test if used in the proper and instructed way. The high level of service and the very large amount of products that Gem tool hire has to offer, has made it a really good company in the tool hire market.

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